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Where to buy a Canadian diamond?

Where to buy a Canadian diamond?

Where to buy a Canadian diamond?

To answer the question – where is the best place to buy a Canadian diamond?, you first need to decide where’s you comfort level is at? Are you comfortable with online shopping? Are you comfortable dealing with a local jeweller? How about mega stores or neighbourhood jeweller?

The likelihood of sourcing a a Canadian diamond online at a better price is high. Many times Jewellers ask for about twice the price actually. They have high overhead and not all Jewellers can source a Canadian diamond easily.

On the other hand, many Canadian and American Jewellers are very capable! Some even are very willing to compete with online prices to a point. They do need a premium added as its virtually impossible or very difficult for a jeweller to match online prices.

The Canadian Diamond Exchange inc is running it’s pilot program, which is a partnership between The Canadian Diamond Exchange Inc, Diamonds.ca ltd and Jewellers using the DiamondList TM app.

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