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Buying a diamond in Canada

Buying a diamond in Canada

What should you look for when buying a diamond in Canada? For some it's the quality, for others maybe the size, but most are likely focusing on value. The value of a diamond is the equation between a diamond's Size, Quality and Price. A Canadian diamond is an added Value because Canadian diamonds are ethical, conflict free, local and just plain cool! So all the more reasons for a diamond shopper in Canada to prefer a Canadian diamond. We established that a diamond value is and equation between it's size, being 1 carat for example, it's quality being lets assume G/VS2 3 x Excellent cut without fluorescence (with GIA certificate. Always insist on GIA certified diamond), and price…. The price of such a Canadian diamond on Diamonds.ca ltd portal today is about $8,450 CD. That's an excellent Value for such a Canadian diamond. Similar diamonds at other Canadian diamonds online merchants (GA) have this size and quality Canadian diamond offered at $10,400 CD, (BA) has a Canadian diamond at that size and grade priced at $8,800 how ever that particular site took the liberty to announce that that diamond is somehow "Super". Not really a term known at the GIA… So to conclude, when shopping to buy a Canadian diamond in Canada, consider Diamonds.ca for SIZE, QUALITY & VALUE.


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