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4 Carat Canadian Diamond !!!

4 Carat Canadian Diamond !!! When it comes to diamonds, size does matter. We offer Canadian diamonds in large sizes including 4 carat round. This particular round Canadian diamond is near colourless and eye clean (SI). Near colourless, eye clean diamonds are considered the largest siz
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Round Canadian Diamond.

The round Canadian diamond is and for many year was the most popular diamond shape. However the popularity of the round Canadian diamond grew rapidly in the past 2-3 years. Fancy shape Canadian diamonds grew in popularity with the Halo ring. In the past 2-3 year the trend was using ro
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Pink Canadian Diamonds

Pink Canadian Diamonds A limited amount of Canadian pink diamonds were discovered in Canada’s NWT. Most of the world’s pink diamonds are supplied by Australia . Canadian pink diamonds are very rare and as such are almost unknown to Jewellers and collectors around the world
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