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Choosing the right Canadian diamonds

Choosing the right Canadian diamonds

Every so often I get a request for a D/SI2 or J/IF type diamond. Nature produce diamonds in many variations but how one get to chose the right mix of grades Canadian Diamond?

I’m believe there’s little sense in buying a very high colour with low clarity or the opposite, a diamond with very high clarity but very low colour. Fluorescence and cut are also a factor. Why spend good money on a D, flawless diamond with only a Good cut grade or strong fluorescence ?

The key to choosing the right Canadian diamond is consistency. If you get medium good colour, get medium good clarity. Medium or small differences are ok but stay away from extremes.

Some of the grades I prefer are:

  • D/IF XXX None.
  • E/VS1 XXX None.
  • F to G VS2 to SI1 XXX None to Faint.
  • H to I VS2 to SI2 XXX to VG VG VG None to Medium Blue.

I also recommend to insist on GIA certificate & origin – Canadian Diamond.

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