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Canada’s leading Canadian Diamond resources and Wholesale online of Canadian diamonds Company ???

DIAMONDS.CA ltd. A stratigic partnership with Diamond.ca and the Canadian Diamond Exchange inc.  Providing information, resources and tools to buyers, retailers, stores and diamond dealers.   Our founder, Mr. Ran Cohen has been a leading force in the Canadian Diamond market for well over 20 year. Bringing innovations and practical tools for commencing in Canada’s conflict free product. The Canadian Diamond.  Diamonds.ca is a registered company in Alberta, Canada. While Diamonds.ca owns no inventory of Canadian Diamonds, it is able to offer high gem quality Canadian diamonds via it’s stratigic partnership with the Canadian Diamond Exchange LTD.  Further more, Diamonds.ca Ltd is an important provider of information about the Canadian Diamond mining industry and Canadian Diamonds investment market.  Diamonds.ca ltd is the 1st Canadian company to encourage shoppers to obtain their diamond online at substantially lower price however also encourage clients to shop for the engagement ring mount at a local Canadian jeweller. 

Prior to Diamonds.ca being Canada’s Jeweller friendly diamond site, the Canadian Diamond Exchange INC was affiliated with Diamond.ca. 

Diamond.ca was our original Canadian Diamonds online and in person wholesale to the public site. Diamond.ca provided both the loose Canadian diamonds as well as the engagement rings. By doing so, Diamond.ca eliminated the need to use a conventional jewellery store. At the late 90th, jewellers marked up their products dramatically and the need for an alternative method to shop for diamonds was much greater then now days. With jewellers being more competitive and with the burst of many unqualified “online jewellers”, our founder decided to promote a new method of shopping experience and Diamonds.ca ltd was created. The best of both worlds. Now you can buy your Canadian diamond online from us and we’ll refer you to a local jeweller to get your engagement ring from. 

    CANADIAN DIAMONDS – CONFLICT FREE DIAMONDS . CANADA IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST PRODUCER OF DIAMONDS. CANADIAN DIAMONDS ARE WHOLESALED AND RETAILED ACROSS THE GLOB. BUYING A CANADIAN DIAMOND IS BOTH COSTS EFFICIENT AND RESPONSIBLE. RESPONSIBLE CANADIAN CHOOSE CANADIAN DIAMONDS. Diamonds.ca ltd is Canada’s leading conflict free Canadian diamonds company. Most Canadian diamond are GIA certified. Diamonds.ca ltd promotes all shapes of Canadian diamonds. Diamonds.ca ltd. is affiliated with both Diamond.ca and the Canadian Diamond Exchange Inc. Diamonds.ca ltd Educates and informs the consumer. The trade recognize Diamond.ca ltd as Canada’s leader in the industry.

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    Canadian Diamonds early beginning

    Our early beginnings over 20 years ago.

    Diamond.ca partnered with the Canucks