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So far No buyer for Snap Lake mine. 

De Beers unlikely to find buyer for Snap Lake mine, says analystCurrent diamond prices a deterrent to buyers. 
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Sad news – the passing of Robert Gannicott.

The following excerpt is from the company’s SEC filing. YELLOWKNIFE, Northwest Territories–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August 3, 2016–Dominion Diamond Corporation (TSX: DDC, NYSE: DDC) (the “Company” or “Dominion”) is deeply saddened to announce that after his extended bat
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Why diamond stocks haven’t lost their shine

After a 12-15% decline in rough diamond prices last year, 2016 has seen a stronger start to the year. Even so, Edward Sterck, Director of Equity Research, Metals and Mining at BMO Capital Markets, is forecasting a flat year for diamond prices in 2016. The London, U.K.-based mining ana
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Diamonds as an investment

The value of diamonds as an investment is of significant interest to the general public, because they are expensive gemstones, often purchased in engagement rings. The difficulty of properly assessing the value of an individual gem-quality diamond complicates the situation. In econome
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The Scoop on Conflict-Free Diamonds

Though outcry about “blood diamonds” has led jewelers to adopt higher standards, it’s still smart to do your homework. How can you be sure your stone is conflict-free? Learn the facts and ask the right questions. Know Your Stones In 2002, the UN adopted a system to e
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Massive Cullinan Dream blue

A 24.18-carat intense blue known as The Cullinan Dream has just sold for $25.4 million at Christie’sMagnificent Jewels auction in New York, breaking all records and becoming the most expensive gem of its kind ever sold at auction. The diamond, cut from a 122.52-carat rock found at Pet
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