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Canadian Jewellers 

The advantage jewellers has by partnering with Diamonds.ca is mainly customer retention. The engagnment ring shopper now days is alot more inform then twenty or even ten years ago. Now days diamond and engagment ring shopper are doing more research online and have a very competetive idea of the type of diamond pricing. Now days, marking up a diamond is a very dificult task for a jeweller. Having to borrow a diamond from a diamond broker (Know in the diamond trade as a "memo") is clumsy. Diamond brokers expect to make no less then 15% markup on their diamonds and they themselves often "memo" their diamonds from a diamond dealer at a cost. More then often the cost on a "memo" diamond to a jeweller is 10% higher then the actual price of a similar diamond online, readily available for the retail diamond shopper for purchase. Given all these markeups, often a jeweller will go though all the truble of "memo" diamond borrowing only to be able to sell an engagment ring. The engagment ring setting has typicall a keystone or a 2.2 markup (A trade term for 2X or a 2.2X the costs. Meaning if an engagment ring mount cost a jeweller $1,600, the jeweller selling cost of that mount is either $3,200 or $3,520. The profit on an engagment ring and a wedding band set can easily top $3,000, and that without having to factor the center diamond. Being that jewellers expect to markup their diamonds and the cost of the diamonds are already abouve the costs of a similar diamond online, the jeweller often will ofer to sell the "memo" diamond at cost, and that only to be able to close the sale of the ring. Diamonds.ca ltd offers Canadian diamonds for the engagment ring market at prices that are almost always less then generic diamonds online. Meaning an informed diamond shopper who understand the importancy of a GIA certificate, the importancy of proper proportions and flourrescnece and preffer a conflict free diamond such as the Canadian diamond has no better option then to buy the loose diamond from Diamonds.ca ltd. That also said, diamond.ca is a loose diamond site that inquarge shoppers to buy their rings  from their local jeweller. For a jeweller, if his client saves thousands by buying his diamonds dierectly from diamonds.ca, his client frees thousands of dollars for his engagment ring set. By only offering loose diamonds, Diamonds.ca is the jeweller's fraindly diamond site.

Contact us to receive a list of luxury brands and qualified jewellers in your area. 

  • Yaletown Jewellers, Vancouver BC. 
  • Yaletown Jewellers , Edmonton AB. 
  • Yaletown Jewellers & diamond setting, Calgary AB. 

Canadian Diamonds are a beautiful  and luxurious. Finding the right jewellery piece to set these precious diamonds is very important. The jewellery has to be both beautiful and well made. 

Not all our Canadian Diamonds are listed on our site. Most of our GIA investment grade diamonds and Canadian colour diamonds are only available upon request by qualified buyers. 

Please contact us for details. We have Chinese speaking associates who can assist.